Poppy likes to dance

Dance is a vessel of explosive expression. Dance is a primordial energetic release. Dance is a connection to the energy that makes up the essence of every being in this universe. It is about using nothing but the rawest of materials: our own body, our senses, our mind and our soul, to express our emotions, thoughts and experiences as a human. It is this natural instinct of the individual which bonds and connects us as whole. Twisting and twirling in colourful transformations, it travels across all countries and cultures alike.

But within this whole, exists a complex and extensive network of layers. As we travel across the different areas of the globe into the different cultures and societies that exist and contrast we begin to see how dance, this most natural form of human expression, becomes a voice which reflects and depicts its surroundings and speaks of ancient culture, old tradition and evolving societies. We see how these physical and historical influences shape the various forms of dance which are harnessed and released. How dance it self is perceived and utilised by the different groups of humans based on their individual conditionings and perceptions of the world.

In this blog I plan to prepare the grounds for a much larger project, through which I intend to study these differences and reflect them through visuals and sound in a story that will probe much further than dance itself, into the very essence of what it means to be a human on this planet and what is it that shapes the zillions of different world views and ways of life that exist within the giant web of energy of which we are all the made. To explore the different uses for dance, for ritual, healing, spiritual, career, passion, romance, social or tradition and how this reflects the humans which engage in it. And as we move through the layers of groups and societies down to the individual. Perhaps we will even reveal a cycle, which connects back to the whole and exposes the interconnectivity of all life in this universe.